Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring trips are beginning!

Tomorrow I begin my first of four planned Spring bike trips tracing Roman military routes in Greece between 198 BC and 167 BC.

The first trip will begin with the route Flamininus took in Phokis at the end of the campaign season in 198 BC. Livy (32.18) lists 5 cities that Flamininus took before he attacked, defeated, and made a headquarters out of Elateia. Rather than just 6 random places, these 6 cities are all incredibly important and strategic for both holding Phokis and for controlling movement through Boiotia and between and north and south Greece.

From here I will travel the route from Phokis into Thessaly that Flamininus took to begin the campaign season in 197 BC. Part of this involves a 'surprise' route cross country that I am quite looking forward to traveling!

Here's my route: