Saturday, October 12, 2013

What happened to trip I?

Hello! I write this from Volos and the beginning of my second bike tour in Greece.

Trip I was a great success: 13 days out, 520 miles biked from Igoumenitsa to Delphi to just north of Katerini, much learned, beautiful sights (and sites!) seen, passes crossed, amazing people met, etc!

However, internet was scarce and I did not post to this blog even once. Trip II will be a different story! As the campgrounds in Greece appear the have closed for the season, this trip will have no camping which means more internet access which means blog posts.

 "But what about trip I?" You ask? No worries, when I get back from trip II I will be back in Athens for 3-4 weeks and will daily go through my notes and photos from trip I and post a daily account of that trip then. But for now,  on to trip II!

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